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ML IT Security has a pool of IT Elites of various specializations (Certified Ethical Hacker, Offensive Security Specialist, Penetration Tester, Forensic Investigator, IT Security Consultant, etc) to show you the weaknesses in your IT environment and to help you understand the neccessity of IT Security for your IT environment.

Our main long-term goal is to always secure, prevent and protect your IT infrastructure. And in the process, we ML IT Security also keep the focus on giving you the best support services.

A lot of people have always been too complacent with the security of their IT infrastructure/environment, neglecting the necessary security protocols, which in turn lead to it becoming a source of vulnerability that hackers can use to exploit.

The above video featuring ongoing worldwide ransomware attacks as well as images showing some of the present day threats are good examples that illustrate the danger and vulnerabilities of exploitations and hackings occurring on a daily basis that are unbeknown to the general public.

Why choose ML IT Secruity?


The first step towards a secure IT environment is to do penetration testing to expose and identify the vulnerabilities in the organization and then to further exploits in a contain environment to determine the level of security risks..


Once we know the weaknesses, we can then recommend the necessary patches and security control in place to be implemented while managing the cost of security. We will make sure you get the best return of investments!


Our personnels are not only certified in many areas but also experienced in vast security practices across different industries while partnering with various big players in the market, creating a highly skilled and resourcesful team to best serve your needs.

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IT Security Myths!

Protection Against Zero-Day

A "zero-day" exploit is any vulnerability that's exploited immediately after its discovery. This is a rapid attack that takes place before the security community or the vendor knows about the vulnerability or has been able to repair it. Such exploits are a Holy Grail for hackers because they take advantage of the vendor's lack of awareness and the lack of a patch, enabling the hacker to wreak maximum havoc.

Thus, no enterprise can protect itself entirely against zero-day exploits even when everyone are saying you can! However, companies can take reasonable steps to ensure a high probability of protection.

Singapore's IT is Secure

If you are constantly up to date on the IT news, you will know that the Singapore Government has been hacked before (AMK Town Council Website in 2013), National University School has been penetrated before (143 NUS student volunteer's data breached in 2017) and Mindef Internet System hacked which resulted 850 personnel data stolen (2017).

And there are many more real life examples on the WWW telling you that even Microsoft, Adobe, Java, Linux, Cisco, and all the other big players has IT security breached, what more could happen to you and your enterprise? No, we are totally not secure at all!

No Trouble = Don't Update

There are myths going around saying that if one doesn't have any trouble with their system or peripherals, it is best not to update so as to avoid other unnecessary trouble/problem/slowness.

This in fact is a very bad IT Security Education for end users as all the updates provided by the vendor are necessary in-place not to only enhance your software but also to patch and protect you from the zero-day flaws, vulnerabilities found, and dangerous exploits out there. Please do remind yourself to at least update every stuff of yours every week to protect yourself against all threats!

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