MLITS' About Us

Who We Are

We are a sister company of ML Systems Integrator Pte Ltd that provides IT security services. All of our colleagues are experience in many various industries coupled with certification in many standards thus having unparalleled skills, services and commiment to our clients.

ML IT Security helps organizations manage information security risks by penetration tests and exploits in a contain environment to identify the weakeness and in turn, protecting data, software, people and identities in alignment with best practices and compliance requirements.

Our main goal is to always secure, prevent and protect your IT infrastructure. And in the process, we also keep the focus on giving you the best support services.

Our Certifications

Microsoft Certified Professional

Licensed Penetration Tester

Offensive Security Certified Professional

Certified Ethical Hacker

Why choose MLITS?

Our vision

To educate all people on the importance of IT security and the never ceasing Cyber Threats.

Our mission

As what our tagline say, We strive to Secure, Prevent and Protect your IT Infrastructure!

Our approach

The approach of MLITS is based on a constructed security plan created together by the client and us.

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