MLITS' O365 Cloud Security

About O365 Cloud Security

In Office 365, Microsoft provides a lot of different plans to accommodate various industries' needs and requirements, ranging from Business Essentials Plans to Enterprise Plans.

However, a lot of people may be unaware that in the basic plan itself, Microsoft has also included the basic security and information protections on the Microsoft Security and Compliance Portal.

In addition, to comply with the many standards across all of the different countries’ governments and regulations (including MAS), they have another cloud security in O365 which is Enterprise Mobility + Security (in short EMS).

We are trained to help you setup your O365 with EMS so that your services, data and information are protected to the highest level in cloud technology.

The Microsoft Standard that MLITS Uses

The model provides the most complete set of capabilities to protect your corporate assets. It helps organizations take a methodical approach to information protection.

Different Levels of Security and Protection

# Level Title Description
1 Level 1 Data Encrypted and available only to authenticated users This level of protection is provided by default for data stored in Office 365 services. Data is encrypted while it resides in the service and in transit between the service and client devices. For some organizations, this level of protection meets the minimum standard.
2 Level 1 Additional data and identity protection applied broadly Capabilities such as multi-factor authentication (MFA), mobile device management, Exchange Online Advanced Threat Protection, and Microsoft Cloud App Security increase protection and substantially raise the minimum standard for protecting devices, identities, and data. Many organizations will require one or more of these features to meet a minimum standard.
3 Level 2 Sophisticated protection applied to specific data sets Capabilities such as Azure Information Protection and Office 365 Data Loss Prevention (DLP) can be used to enforce permissions and other policies that protect sensitive data. You can also implement Azure AD Identity Protection policies to protect identities with access to sensitive data.
4 Level 3 Strongest protection and separation You can achieve the highest levels of protection with encryption key solutions, Advanced Data Governance, and more protective policies using Azure AD Identity Protection. Also consider using SQL Server Always Encrypted for partner solutions that interact with Office 365. Not all organizations require the highest level of protection.
MAS regulated companies? Yes, you can now transit onto Microsoft Office 365 platform with the EM+S (a must) add-on. Feel free to download the Microsoft respond to MAS Cloud Guideline