MLITS' Penetration Test Service

Why Penetration Test?

Penetration test (or "pen-testing”) exposes the gaps in the security model of an organization and helps organizations reach a balance between technical prowess and business functionality from the perspective of potential security breaches.

This can help in disaster recovery and business continuity planning. It simulates methods used by intruders to gain unauthorized access to an organization's network systems and then compromise them.

Apart from automated techniques, we involve our pen-testing with our vast experience, proprietary knowledge and open-source tools we have as well as manual techniques for conducting targeted testing on specific systems to ensure that there are no security flaws that might have previously gone undetected.

Our Pen-Test Services are as follows:-

  • Network Security
  • WIFI Security
  • System & Software Security
  • Client-Side to Server-Side Application Communication Security
  • Server-Side Application Security

MLITS Penetration Testing Methodology

Information Gathering > Vulenerability Analysis > External Penetration Test > Internal Network Penetration Testing
> Firewall Penetration Test > IDS Penetration Test > Password Cracking Penetraton Test >
Social Engineering Penetration Test > Web Application Penetration Test > SQL Penetration Test > Router and Switches Penetration Test
> Wireless Network Penetration Test > Denial-of-Service Penetration Test > Stolen Laptop, PDAs, and Cell Phones Penetration Test >
Source Code Penetration Test > Physical Security Penetration Test > Computer and Host Penetration Test > Full Detailed Pen Test Report
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