MLITS' Security Consultations

MLITS' Security Consultations Services

We understand it is hard finding a suitable CISO (Certified Information Security Officer) as it can be challenging due to the high calibre of necessary skills and experience required.

And thus, we are here to provide consultancy on general IT security, general controls, system & network security, policies and processes, operations, gap analysis, risk assessment, impact analysis, applications security, secure coding and secure software lifecycle development etc.

We also provide and guide our clients with the adequate and yet practical security controls and defence-in-depth concepts and advise clients or perform compliance review and conformance to relevant standards or security requirements from various authorities or international bodies such as MAS, Government, ISO/IEC, ISACA and ISC2.

With that, we also assist our client to better understand the latest trend of the IT Security vulnerabilities and exploits as awareness is the top most priority when it comes to IT Security.

Security Consultations

# Service Description
1 Vulnerabilities and Exploits We can advise and show the latest zero-days vulnerabilities and exploits in the market where people take advantage of it to hack and penetrate into various organizations around the world.
2 Network Security Demonstrate and advise the latest trend in the security market on how people protect, prevent and secure their network and environment.
3 Data Security We can also advise and show you the latest market trend in the Data Protection Schema with various different types of backups.
Others may charge a minimal fee for consultations but we don't! As one of our motto is to bring in more knowledge to whomever we meto to better enhance and secure our IT World. So feel free to contact with us here!